Calcium Balance

Natalie Cote

Everyone knows how important calcium consumption is for the maintenance of healthy, strong bones. However, did you know that without proper nutritional support from vitamins A, D and K, your body cannot adequately use the calcium you're consuming to its full potential? In fact, too much calcium and not enough vitamins A, D and K may actually lead to calcium build up in places that it should not be. Vitamins A, D and K, specifically K2, work together to support calcium utilization in your body. These vitamins help guide calcium into the bones and can help keep calcium out of other areas such as the soft tissue of your blood vessels where it can be harmful. Sometimes it is not lack of calcium consumption but lack of calcium absorption that can lead to health problems such as osteoporosis.


Due to current factory farming practices, the meat we consume today lacks essential nutrients, a big one being vitamin K2. Before these farm raised animals were fed a diet consisting mainly of grain, they grazed on grass and left our diets abundant in vitamin K2. Today, the best way to increase vitamin K2 in our diets is to eat locally by buying from locally raised grass-fed animals and supplementing with a quality vitamin. Most multivitamins do not contain vitamin K2. However, here at PerforMix Specialty Pharmacy, we got you covered! Our A-D-K once daily supplement can replace the essential nutrients that may be lacking in your diet.


Starting this week, our A-D-K supplement is on sale!  Buy our Wellsentials Daily Ultra Multivitamin and get a bottle of ADK for only $19.99.  Already taking our high quality daily multivitamin?  Add on a daily ADK and get 20% off the retail price!

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